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8th Grade ELA/Expository - Trangmar, Lynnette


Dear Eighth Grade Students and Families:  

Welcome! Though I have taught for 20 years, I still begin each school year with anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm. I love teaching. It is my dream job. Students, you will soon discover I like to laugh, create, read, research, write, and move. As a kinesthetic and visual learner myself, I understand different students need various types of instruction. Moreover, I know that students often prove to be the best teachers. Just like you expect feedback from me, I expect feedback from you; I will listen. In fact, I often tailor lesson plans based on student feedback. I know I have much to learn from you.

Parents, you will find very quickly that I will refer to your kids as my kids. Because I spend so much time with my students, I find it impossible not to consider them my kids. Thank you—in advance—for letting me borrow them for the year. I will work tirelessly to make sure they feel brilliant. Having taught classes ranging from ELD 4-8th grade, seventh grade core to advanced eighth grade English, I have worked to hone my skills. I consider scaffolding one of my strengths, and even the most gifted students benefit from strategic scaffolding. Each year, I have seen the workshop process transform students into critical readers and autonomous, ambitious, and inspired writers.

I will make myself available, if requested, at lunch or after school to help answer any questions or provide clarification. I value open communication. Students, feel free to contact me if you do not understand an assignment. Please note that I generally check my email at 4am. Yes, I get up that early! Parents, if desired, please email me to schedule an appointment, so I can ensure a meeting free of interruptions. I make every effort to answer all emails within 24 hours; however, I do enjoy making phone calls home often just to brag about my students. From experience, I know that parents know their children best. I appreciate any input that will help me better understand and serve your child.

Primarily, the first two weeks consist of icebreakers, community building, growth mindset exercises, close reading, skill building, and review. Investing in community building fosters the trust and collaboration needed to later tackle the rigor of academic challenges. The strategic investment enables me to study my students, which, in turn, helps me better serve them. The fun activities reinforce class procedures and pro-social behavior. Furthermore, rest assured that carefully crafted community building incorporates preliminary reading and writing assessment., albeit gamed to increase engagement.

In the future, please refer to my website and Google Classroom for posted assignments and often attached lessons, rubrics, and other resources. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

I look forward to a great year!



Parents, please visit my Google teacher site here.

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Extension number: 3137